Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Blessed Quest

In the name of Allah the Almighty, I write. 

Living in a place far away from home has taught me so much about living this life. It would be an unfinished matter if we were to talk about life generally. The perspectives toward it has changed, and I see it clearly with a pair of newly opened eyes. The ukkhuwwah that we have and share with everyone around us here is totally different from its definition I learned when I was in my home country. The tie felt very close and the closeness is actually giving me more opportunity to breathe. In the chaos of catching the wave of the world, Allah has sent me amazing people to remind us, to give us signs of His Glorious love which never stops flowing in our every second and every minute of our day. Deep in my heart I could see the signs, I could feel them, and sometimes I could even touch them.

I never ever want to lose this feeling, the feeling of returning to Allah, and make Him to be above all. The quest to find the Ultimate Love of Allah was once stopped because I was too weak and couldn't fight my own weaknesses which ironically is stronger than me. What I have seen, and what I have heard are not even a drop of knowldege of what He holds for us. I feel stronger when I'm with Allah and I am lost without Him. He never leaves me, it's me who always forgot about him in any given time. Life is never easy and if it is easy for us, we won't be writing and reading this, talking about it.