Sunday, April 15, 2012

Syahadatul Haq


My Sunday has been very meaningful today, with the presence of my beloved sisters in Islam who came to Baitul Imtiyaz and spent their precious time with all of us here, to vigorously gain the knowledge of knowing Islam better together. I am very thankful and glad for being able to seize the opportunity to be in this bi'ah and get to be refresh my experience of attending the Syahadatul Haq sharing, for the second time since the day I walked in this path of tarbiyyah. 

Syahadatul Haq, is our witness over the truth in believing that Allah is the only God and Muhammad s.a.w is His Messenger; is neither just a normal daily speech or merely words uttered by people every single day in their lives, nor it is a simple oath that people need to say when they are reverting to Islam as the sign of their affirmation of faith towards this holy religion. This syahadah is more than that, and this declaration of faith contains the responsibility that every Muslim has to hold and carry in any parts of the world. 

Two times of getting this meaningful sharing gives me the same vibration in my conscious and sub-conscious  little heart as I had last time. I want to go back on track, like I did before, and continue the responsibility that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. has left for his ummah to survive this dunya and the hereafter, in Allah's will. 

I am the ummah.