Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Only Me and You

Just when you thought living in a place with no network coverage and solely depends on rainwater as water source are challenging enough, try to imagine when your only source of communication - the ELECTRICITY - to power up the satellite internet and other domestic usage e.g lamp, fan and most importantly the refrigerator is also down when you need it the most.

Imagination could be wide but it can't beat the real experience of living in the situation. FIVE DAYS equals to 120 hours without electricity was indeed an adventure I myself could not believe I survived. Had to finish our frozen food supply as the fridge could no longer freeze, the night turns longer like it's winter but the temperature around you suddenly turns higher, and the worst of all - lost our only way to communicate with the outside world.

I learnt a lot from this experience of which I realised it is more of a blessing for me. When I thought I had the worst situation nobody could ever get their hands on, there are others who had experienced worst than I do. I have always prayed to have my own time of "uzlah" and alhamdulillah I have my prayer granted, as it comes together with abundance of blessings in disguise.

The best part of all, when I thought that I was going to get through this alone, a powerful reminder came and remind me again and again that Allah the Almighty has sent everybody away, so that it's only me and Him.

"Abah and Mama, alhamdulillah Yani ok, jangan risau, Allah ada."

All praises be with Allah, the Only one.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life-Changing Journey

Alhamdulillah, we have safely arrived at SK Long Kesseh after a tiring, adventurous five-hour journey from Miri town. I departed from Tawau for Kuching on 11th of March 2013. I arrived at Kuching at the night of the departure. The next day, Yan’s family held a prayer (kenduri doa selamat) in Kota Samarahan. Only his family and relatives were invited. The prayer by the congregation was a heart-touching for me as it made me missed Abah so much when I heard some of the ayats that were recited; as Abah has always been reciting the same doa (prayer) when we prayed together.    

Looking back, I was Abah and Mama’s adventurous-turned relaxed daughter as I had a huge life-changing moment in my life after I finished my SPM examination. I went to school every day by myself and return home at the end of the day, repetitively for consecutive five years. The thing that I now realised and very grateful for is that when I was in secondary school I did not stay in the hostel. I was ignorant of how hostel life would be like. I am my parents’ only daughter who stayed at home during my secondary schooling years. I had more time with my parents than my other brother and sisters do.

When I was in school I admit that I really admired my English teachers whom I think were the most brilliant people I have ever met in my life. The English words uttered fluently from their mouth mesmerised the little me. I found that their solidarity with me was even closer when they speak English. I felt more respected. My Mama was one of them. We did not really communicate in English orally but when we texted each other we would be using English. When I first knew that I would be pursuing my studies in TESL, I was excited as I had my wish granted. It was a course that I really have my full interest in. I also received an offer for Mass Communication course in UiTM which was my second choice. I wanted to improve my English proficiency; therefore, TESL and Mass Communication really caught my attention. The only thing was, Kuching would be my destination if I accept TESL instead of MassCom. To be honest, at that point of time, I was actually more excited to go to Kuching as it would me first time stepping on the Borneo Island which was indeed a place that was listed in my to-go-list. Thus, cross out MassCom and book ticket to Kuching for me!

I knew TESL was a right choice for me as this course offered me and my other fifty six course mates an opportunity to go overseas. This TESL course in IPG Kampus Batu Lintang was a twinning programme with University of Otago, New Zealand! All we need to do is to pass the foundation years and first year of degree final examination with flying colours and off we go!

Alhamdulillah, praise be with Allah the Almighty, I passed my one-year-and-a-half foundation years and I get through my first degree year examination in Kuching and was all set for New Zealand. I flew off to Dunedin, New Zealand on 8th of February 2010 and came back to Malaysia on 23rd of November two years after. I went back to Kuching on 2012, to finish my final year of degree. It was five years and a half in total and that made me away from home longer than my other siblings. 

Writing again soon, insyaAllah. Miss Nurul is now here, SK Long Kesseh!