Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Only Me and You

Just when you thought living in a place with no network coverage and solely depends on rainwater as water source are challenging enough, try to imagine when your only source of communication - the ELECTRICITY - to power up the satellite internet and other domestic usage e.g lamp, fan and most importantly the refrigerator is also down when you need it the most.

Imagination could be wide but it can't beat the real experience of living in the situation. FIVE DAYS equals to 120 hours without electricity was indeed an adventure I myself could not believe I survived. Had to finish our frozen food supply as the fridge could no longer freeze, the night turns longer like it's winter but the temperature around you suddenly turns higher, and the worst of all - lost our only way to communicate with the outside world.

I learnt a lot from this experience of which I realised it is more of a blessing for me. When I thought I had the worst situation nobody could ever get their hands on, there are others who had experienced worst than I do. I have always prayed to have my own time of "uzlah" and alhamdulillah I have my prayer granted, as it comes together with abundance of blessings in disguise.

The best part of all, when I thought that I was going to get through this alone, a powerful reminder came and remind me again and again that Allah the Almighty has sent everybody away, so that it's only me and Him.

"Abah and Mama, alhamdulillah Yani ok, jangan risau, Allah ada."

All praises be with Allah, the Only one.

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